The cybersecurity industry is rapidly changing because hackers are getting smarter. Understanding some of the latest trends will help you to understand what to keep an eye on. It can ensure you take the necessary precautions to secure your own online presence.

More Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware has been a problem for years. The trend is on the rise, however, and many industries are experiencing the attacks. One of the worst that the U.S. has seen was the attack on the Colonial Pipeline, which led to fuel pumps along the East Coast shutting down for days.

The healthcare sector has been attacked with greater frequency, too. As more hospitals and healthcare providers focus on digital transformation and more people transition to remote work, it’s likely that more ransomware attacks will occur.
While even the most advanced systems are vulnerable, the best ways to prevent an attack is to embrace cloud-based security solutions and keep all software and systems updated with the latest malware and virus protection.

COVID-Related Attacks

Many cybercriminals are using COVID-19 as an opportunity to expose cracks in cybersecurity defenses of companies around the world. Some reports show a 600 percent rise in cybercrime since the start of the global pandemic, especially as people have embraced a remote work culture.

COVID-related scams are coming in by email, phone calls, and SMS texts. Some of the top scams pretend to be charities looking to assist front-line workers or companies looking to sell protective equipment.

With proper and updated antivirus software from top cybersecurity companies, you can often avoid such an attack. Additionally, avoid clicking suspicious links and opening attachments from unknown sources.

Increased Social Media Threats

Businesses and individuals alike have reported more threats coming from hackers and cybercriminals on social media, including Facebook and Instagram. Accounts aren’t verified sufficiently on social media platforms, leading to a number of false accounts. As soon as a hacker is authenticated, it can lead to a significant amount of exploitation.

Those in cybersecurity careers will caution people to check on the privacy settings that you use on all of your profiles. Further, use strong passwords to prevent people from being able to hack in and take over your accounts.

Supply Chain Attacks

Supply chains have been attacked, costing millions of dollars and leading to individuals and businesses waiting on products that are needed. SolarWinds’ Orion network was hacked in December 2020, impacting a supply chain of over 18,000 organizations. It’s inevitable that more hacks will happen in the future, too.

Real-time security updates can help to protect you against such attacks. It’s also important to educate employees about responsible online (and offline) security practices.

How Top Cybersecurity Companies Can Help

With more cybercriminals than ever looking to prey on the vulnerable, you need to know how to respond. The top cybersecurity companies are changing their approach. They’re aware of the trends and they’re helping individuals and businesses to improve their security practices.

As cybercrimes become more prevalent, more cybersecurity careers become available. Companies look to hire the best. Further, more people opt for IT careers that focus on the cybersecurity industry more than any other sector.