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What is executive recruiting?
Many people have heard of “recruiting” or have been contacted by an executive recruiter at some point during their career. Many perceive recruiting as “finding people jobs”. This isn’t exactly true. In a nutshell, here is what executive recruiting is all about. Companies rely on us when they have specific job openings. Sounds weird right? Well…they are not relying on us to fill entry level roles. For example, a cutting-edge Cybersecurity company just received $100 million in funding to expand their U.S. sales force. They need experienced talent immediately. What happens next? The best available candidates are most likely not actively searching for new opportunities. That’s where recruiters come in. Our clients hire us to fill key roles. And it’s FUN! No day is the same. You will spend your days speaking with bright, business-minded people who actually want to speak with you. We help advance careers and companies in the industries we service.
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