Our Process
Placing leading talent requires commitment, focus and understanding. At Stay Gold Solutions, we incorporate a systematic search process that is curated to the specific needs of each client. We not only work to thoroughly understand the objectives and specifications of the position, but we also strive to recognize the culture of your organization as we employ our proven strategies to select and attract high-caliber candidates.
  • Planning and Research
    Stay Gold Solutions works to understand your company, your needs, your values and your business goals. Using client-competitor information, industry sources and confidential referrals, we conduct thorough research to uncover potential candidates.
  • Identify and analyze
    Stay Gold Solutions uses market research and competitive analysis to ensure we are providing your company with top-tier talent. Stay Gold Solutions makes direct contact with candidates, evaluating their qualifications, achievements, expectations and motivations.
  • Presentation of candidates
    At Stay Gold Solutions, only the most qualified candidates will be presented. Stay Gold Solutions will assist and monitor all levels of the interviewing process, ensuring clear communication and improving the odds of securing industry-leading talent.
  • Decision and Offer
    Stay Gold Solutions facilitates communication on compensation and corporate benefits, as well as resignation and counteroffers. At Stay Gold Solutions we work diligently to provide a smooth transition for all partners.
  • Partnership
    Stay Gold Solutions puts a premium on building and maintaining trusted long-term relationships with all of our partners. We believe in the value of providing candidates that strengthen the commitment between us, our clients and candidates.