Cybersecurity Pros are Wanted…and They Can Name Their Price

There’s a shortage when it comes to cybersecurity pros. With more and more hackers attacking even the most secure websites and firewalls, it’s becoming abundantly clear that businesses need to have cybersecurity professionals on their payroll.

There’s one problem. There aren’t enough cybersecurity professionals to go around. It’s making it harder to hire the staff that is needed and stay within budget. It seems that professionals know just how highly sought after they are. It means they can essentially name their price in order to get hired somewhere.

More Attacks Lead to More Concerns

Some serious attacks have been made to show companies and government agencies around the world that cybersecurity professionals are worth their weight in gold. The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack was a costly one – and resulted in gas shortages along the East Coast of the U.S. Over 100 government agencies around the globe have been hacked within the past year, too.

Often, the companies being hacked have no choice but to pay the ransom demands.
What’s concerning is that many of the companies know that their cybersecurity needs aren’t being met. In fact, Colonial had a job listing for a cybersecurity manager posted just a week before its attack.

Supply and Demand Leads to a Talent War

If you haven’t already noticed, there’s a talent war going on. According to studies, there are hundreds of thousands of vacancies in cybersecurity around the world. Companies want professionals but can’t find them. It’s only going to create even more problems as attacks become commonplace.

The talent war is a result of simple supply and demand. There’s a significant demand with a shortage in the supply.

In order to fill vacancies, you have to recognize that there’s a war happening over the best talent. You have to be willing to pay top dollar and provide a highly sought-after workplace. Otherwise, the talent will seek a more lucrative position.

Focus on a Long-Term Solution

You need employees that are capable of working in cybersecurity. Rather than hiring everyone, look at those who can fill some of the entry-level positions. Then, be prepared to invest in education, training, and up-skilling so that you can address the shortage for the long term.

As you train your existing employees and hire new ones, you can make sure that your business is protected against the various hacks that can take place.
The pros are out there. The question is, do you want to pay them or do you want to develop your own talent?