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Do the Math: The Lifetime Value of Joining MRINetwork


As the leader of a recruiting firm, you’re busy hiring, making placements, paying bills, keeping clients happy, and building new relationships — which is exactly how your days should be structured. 

Having said that, the World of Work has seen more change in the past 24 months than in the previous 24 years combined. You need a partner focused on technology, tools, training, and overall transformation that today’s talent access industry demands, so that you can remain focused on growing your business. The added cost of joining a network like MRI may seem counterintuitive when you’re already factoring in so many other operating expenses, but things start to look quite different when you put a number on the value that an MRINetwork membership provides.

Here are three major benefits to factor when you’re considering how joining this Network could catapult your business forward. 

Leading Technology

One of the biggest decisions you’ll encounter as a firm owner is your investment in technology. Just evaluating what you need in your digital tool stack takes time, resources, and technical knowledge — not to mention the high hard costs when you start paying full market rate for your chosen tools.

When you join MRINetwork, the investment in product research, development, and implementation has already been done for you — by experts no less — and you are then fully supported as you implement them at your own speed. You’ll gain access to the best tech solutions available for talent access professionals, at incredible preferred rates. In fact, based on preferred vendor rates alone, our offices save on average $52K in their first year — savings which will cover your membership costs. Now that you’re at a break event point, the rest is gravy. 

World-class Training

You know that in today’s World of Work you have to focus on building a digital presence — but as you make that transition, you don’t have to go it alone. As part of the MRINetwork you’ll train with leaders in the industry who have already cracked the code. This is a team that wrote the book on training for recruiters, and is now writing the book on digital transition. 

More than two dozen seminars are available to you every year on topics that range from digital tool adoption to general processes for profitable operation. Not only will you gain access to proprietary software and tools that no other search organization in the world offers, you’ll also receive thorough onboarding to learn exactly how they can benefit your firm. As a result, you will develop the kind of digital marketing strategy and reach that allows you to connect with clients and talent in your industry niche faster than you could have believed possible.

Strong Community

Let’s face it: as firm owners, most of us have lived our entire lives in an echo chamber. You’re no doubt used to being the smartest in the room when it comes to talent access — and you should be. Clients trust you for your expertise in their industry. But we have to admit

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